CEU Catalog

Title Certification Topic Code Credit Hours
How EMS Telehealth Can Improve Care and Boost Your Bottom Line CAC, CACO, CAPO Other 1.00 Purchase
Likely enduring changes from COVID-19, what will stay forever, what is temporary.  Treatment in place via telehealth, transport to alternative desitinations though telehealth triage, more pruden use of ambulance services. $40.00
How to Prevent Lawyers From Screwing Up Your Revenue Cycle CAC, CACO Other 1.00 Purchase
Whether your patient was involved in an accident or you’re now taking him to court to collect an unpaid bill, there’s a chance that your patient is represented by legal counsel.  As much as your patient’s lawyer may try to convince you that you have no right to collect your payment, or tries to get you to hold off on collecting with a “letter of protection” or similar agreement, the truth is that having a lawyer in the picture doesn’t have to screw up your revenue cycle.  We’ll teach you how to get the money your agency is legally entitled to when your patient has a lawyer, and help you separate fact from legal baloney in the process.  $40.00  
Medicaid Matters CAC, CACO Other 1.00 Purchase
This lesson discusses Medicaid, a joint federal and state program with broad guidelines established by federal law and specific guidelines established by each state. $40.00    
Medicare Learning Network Web-Based Trainings CAC, CACO, CAPO Other Details
Medicare Learning Network’s Web-Based Training Courses are designed for self-paced training via the Internet and provide information on a broad range of CMS topics for health care professionals and their staff.  Click HERE to see which Web-Based Trainings are approved for NAAC CEU Credit. Visit the Medicare Learning Network’s Web-Based Trainings page to learn more and view the trainings.   ALL CEUs from MLN are free of charge!  You will recieve a certificate of completion from MLN send that to CustomerServices@AmbulanceCompliance.com to recieve your CEU certificate.  
One Quick Question CAC, CACO, CAPO Other 1.00 Purchase
For which there is no quick answer.  Your billing, compliance and privacy questions answered.  Seemingly “simple” but nothing is simple in ambulance billing and compliance.  How we analyze and come up with answers. $40.00
PWW Media CMS Proposes PCS Rule Changes CAC, CACO Other 1.50 Details
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) just released a Proposed Rule(link is external) that could spell significant changes to Medicare’s Physician Certification Statement (PCS) rules.  If the proposed revisions are adopted, they would drastically impact the current PCS rules and require ambulance services nationwide to update their existing PCS forms.  CMS is soliciting comments on the Proposed Rule.  In order to best represent the industry, PWW Media hosted a special Webinar to discuss what the proposed PCS rules would mean for the industry and to solicit your questions and comments about the Rule.  The attorneys and consultants of PWW will use Webinar attendee feedback when they comment to CMS on the Proposed Rule by the deadline of September 27, 2019. What You’ll Learn: Why CMS is proposing these changes now Why CMS is adding the “Non-Physician Certification Statement” to the regulations Why PCS forms should be renamed The changes you’ll need to make to your PCS forms The timeline for updating your PCS forms Who the new proposed PCS signers are and how to verify their credentials Why the list of proposed PCS signers could be even broader than the what’s in Proposed Rule The minimum requirements for PCS forms Essential staff training on the proposed PCS rules What the removal of the term “physician’s order” from the rules might mean for appeals Why some agencies are using a “streamlined” PCS form and our recommendations $129.00
PWW Media - COVID-19 Vaccine: Everything Ambulance Services Need to Know Webinar CAC, CACO Other 1.00 Details
This webinar addresses how ambulance services can get direct reimbursement by enrolling as a mass immunizer with Medicare.  The operational issues to be addresses – like scope of practice.  How much Medicare is paying for the vaccine.  Vaccine reporting, management and storage requirements.  How private insurance might cover the vaccine.  Your 855B obligations  What to do if an empoyee refuses the vaccine.  The policies and waiver forms you should have in place and so much more.  The purchase includes the recording and hanouts.  $129.00
The Words Matter CAC, CACO Other 1.00 Purchase
Words are easy to take out of proper context and can be interpreted in different ways.  This session will help you to think like a lawyer. $40.00
Up In Smoke CAC, CACO, CAPO Other 1.00 Purchase
Dealing with impaired employees. Definitions and legal distinctions, history and societal issues driving cannabis use.  Medical vs. recreational use. Legas issues – state vs. federal laws.  Practical issues and considerations. $40.00
Your Rights AND Obligations in a Government Investigation CAC, CAPO, CACO Other 1.00 Purchase
The dreaded “knock on the door” arrives – someone with a badge, a gun and a search warrant arrives at your office looking for mountains of documents and files in a government investigation.  Or, a strange document called a “subpoena duces tecum” arrives in your mail.  Or perhaps a federal investigator shows up on your biller’s doorstep one evening asking questions.  What next?  Are your employees compelled to speak to the agents? What documents must be turned over and what documents are protected by legal privileges?  Can they take my computers, hard drives or other equipment? What are the consequences for not complying with a subpoena or search warrant?  This session will help your agency formulate a comprehensive “response plan” should that unpleasant day come. $40.00