CADS registered



The Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist (CADS) certification is the first offered by NAAC that is specifically geared for EMTs, paramedics and other EMS field practitioners. It is also appropriate for EMS QA/QI personnel, supervisors/managers, compliance officers, billers and anyone else involved in EMS clinical care or any aspect of the ambulance service revenue cycle. 

Every one of your agency’s EMS field providers should take the CADS course. Having providers at your agency with the CADS credential shows a true commitment to quality care and top-notch documentation by your agency.

The CADS certification can give providers the edge by:                                                          

  • Opening new doors
  • Advancing their career
  • Improving their status as a healthcare professional

The CADS course is designed to be completed in 6-7 hours of course instruction, followed by a final exam.  The CADS certification is a lifetime certification with no annual recertification requirements.  Well worth the investment for a lifetime of better documentation.

*Pricing shown is for the ONLINE course only.  Live Course prices may vary.

1 - 25$99.00
26 - 50$89.00
51 - 100$79.00
101 - Unlimited$69.00