NAAC Certification and Recertification Standards

I.          Introduction

NAAC is a professional organization dedicated to personal and organizational integrity and compliance in the ambulance industry.  Our mission is to promote superior business ethics, accuracy, integrity and compliance through high quality education and certification of ambulance professionals.

These Credentialing Standards set forth the criteria for certification, as well as the continuing education requirements for maintaining the credential.

II.        Applicability/Eligibility 

These standards are applicable to all NAAC certifications.  Any individual 18 or over is eligible for NAAC certification.  A high school diploma, or GED equivalent, is required as a prerequisite. 


III .       Certification Standards

The initial training requirement to obtain a NAAC certification is completion of the applicable online or live training course offered exclusively by NAAC that covers core knowledge topics with a quiz after each lesson (online only). Following completion of each training course is a comprehensive final exam, made up of approximately 50 questions, which will take an estimated 1 to 2 hours to complete.  Each applicant has the opportunity to attempt the final exam three (3) times.  Upon achieving a passing score of 70% on the final exam, the applicable NAAC certification is awarded.


IV .        Continuing Education Requirements

The initial certification period is 1 year. Ongoing continuing education (CE) is required to maintain each NAAC certification.  Continuing education may be obtained in a variety of ways, including a variety of NAAC-approved training sessions at conferences across the country, and online course offerings that can be completed at your convenience. 

  • For Certified Ambulance Coders (CACs), a total of 12 hours of CE is required on an annual basis which includes 4 CEUs of mandatory “Industry Update” training as established by NAAC .  
  • For Certified Ambulance Compliance Officers (CACOs), a total of 6 hours of CE is required on an annual basis.
  • For Certified Ambulance Privacy Officers (CAPOs), a total of 4 hours of CE is required on an annual basis.

Anyone holding a NAAC certification can be assured that full participation in an abc360 Conference, the official conference for NAAC, will satisfy all of the annual recertification requirements.

Certified individuals must renew their certification on an annual basis by completing the required continuing education, retaining documentation of all CEUs completed, and entering the required information on the NAAC website.


V.       Approval of Continuing Education Programs

Any sponsor or provider of ambulance-related billing, coding, privacy or compliance educational programs may apply to NAAC for approval of courses.  Individuals or organizations seeking NAAC approval of their courses should submit the application available on our website.  Questions regarding NAAC approval of educational courses may be emailed to


VI.      Approved Course Subject Areas

Continuing Education Courses may be approved in the following subject areas:

  • HCPCS coding
  • ICD-9/ICD-10Condition coding
  • Patient care documentation
  • Claim reviews and auditing
  • Appeal procedures
  • Medicare/other specific payor regulations
  • HIPAA, privacy, security and confidentiality
  • Anatomy, physiology, medical terminology
  • Ambulance billing procedures
  • Claim preparation or processing
  • Ambulance compliance
  • Other subject areas deemed appropriate by NAAC


VII.      CEU Reporting Process

Certified Individuals will receive, from the organization providing the approved training, a NAAC approved Certificate of Completion for each course approved by NAAC for CEUs.  CEUs must be entered on the NAAC website. 

Questions regarding the NAAC CEU reporting process may be emailed to