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CAPO Course Topics

All candidates for Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer (CAPO) certification must complete the training as well as a written final exam.  The program takes about 12 hours to complete and is divided into four courses, as follows:

Course 1 - The Role of the Privacy Officer and an Introduction to HIPAA

Lesson 1A - The Privacy Officer

  • Roles and responsibilities of the CAPO
  • Appointing the ambulance privacy officer. 
  • Steps to achieving HIPAA compliance

Lesson 1B - An Introduction to HIPAA

  • Background of HIPAA
  • Who’s covered by HIPAA
  • What is covered by HIPAA.

Course 2 - Exploring the Privacy, Security, Breach Notification and Enforcement Rules

Lesson 2A - The HIPAA Privacy Rule: Uses and Disclosures of PHI

  • Uses and disclosures for the “public interest” 
  • Disclosures to family members and others
  • Patient authorization.

Lesson 2B - Patient Rights Under HIPAA

The 6 Patient Rights 

  1. Notice of Privacy Practices
  2. Right to request restrictions
  3. Right to access PHI
  4. Right to request amendment of PHI
  5. Right to an accounting
  6. Right to request confidential communications

Lesson 2C - The HIPAA Security Rule

  • General security standards
  • Administrative safeguards
  • Risk analysis
  • Physical safeguards
  • Technical safeguards.

Lesson 2D - Breach Notification Rule

  • 4-Step process for evaluating potential breaches
  • How to respond to breaches 

Lesson 2E - Business Associates & Business Associate Agreements

  • Defining business associates (BA’s)
  • How HIPAA applies to business associates
  • Business Associate Agreements  

Course 3 - What HIPAA Compliance Means, the Policies You Need, and Key Ambulance HIPAA Issues

Lesson 3A - HIPAA Enforcement: Penalties, Complaints and Audits

  • HIPAA enforcement and penalties
  • How the OCR resolves HIPAA complaints
  • OCR HIPAA audits and how to prepare for an audit.

Lesson 3B - HIPAA Compliance: Policies, Training, Sanctions and More

  • The CAPO’s role in achieving compliance
  • Implementing and updating policies and procedures
  • Workforce training and sanctions
  • Responding to HIPAA complaints and recordkeeping requirements

Lesson 3C - Key Ambulance Industry HIPAA Compliance Issues

  • EMS communications
  • Disclosing PHI to law enforcement
  • The news media
  • Court-related requests for PHI
  • Portable electronic devices and media, and the impact of HIPAA and social media


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