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Depending on context this could mean either:

Physical Exam
Pulmonary Embolism


Premature Atrial Contraction

Paramedic Intercept (PI)

Paramedic Intercept
Paramedic Intercept services are ALS services provided by an entity that does not provide the ambulance transport. This type of service is most often provided for an emergency ambulance transport in which a local volunteer ambulance that can provide only basic life support (BLS) level of service is dispatched to transport a patient. If the patient needs ALS services such as EKG monitoring, chest decompression, or I.V. therapy, another entity dispatches a paramedic to meet the BLS ambulance at the scene or once the ambulance is on the way to the hospital. The ALS paramedics then provide services to the patient.

This tiered approach to life saving is cost effective in many areas because most volunteer ambulances do not charge for their services and one paramedic service can cover many communities. Prior to March 1, 1999, Medicare payment could be made for these services, but only when the claim was submitted by the entity that actually furnished the ambulance transport. Payment could not be made directly to the intercept service provider. In those areas where State laws prohibit volunteer ambulances from billing Medicare and other health insurance, the intercept service could not receive payment for treating a Medicare beneficiary and was forced to bill the beneficiary for the entire service.

Paramedic intercept services furnished on or after March 1, 1999, may be payable separate from the ambulance transport, subject to the requirements specified below.
The intercept service(s) is:
•  Furnished in a rural area;
•  Furnished under a contract with one or more volunteer ambulance services; and,
•  Medically necessary based on the condition of the beneficiary receiving the ambulance service.

In addition, the volunteer ambulance service involved must:
•  Meet the program’s certification requirements for furnishing ambulance services;
•  Furnish services only at the BLS level at the time of the intercept; and,
•  Be prohibited by State law from billing anyone for any service. [Note: Due to this requirement that the volunteer ambulance service be prohibited by State law from billing anyone for any service, Medicare coverage of Paramedic Intercept is limited to certain areas of New York State only.]

Finally, the entity furnishing the ALS paramedic intercept service must:
•  Meet the program’s certification requirements for furnishing ALS services, and,
•  Bill all recipients who receive ALS paramedic intercept services from the entity, regardless of whether or not those recipients are Medicare beneficiaries.


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