Expiration Consolidation Policy (For Company Accounts Only)


Expiration Consolidation Policy


In order to accommodate companies that employ multiple NAAC certified individuals with varying expiration dates, NAAC will extend a one-time consolidation for companies that want to manage one annual expiration date.  This policy also permits future NAAC certified employees of the company to share that expiration date.  


  1. RULES
  • Companies eligible for consolidation must employ two or more certified individuals with different expiration dates.
  • Companies must request the Expiration Consolidation in writing to NAAC .
  • NAAC will extend consolidation courtesy to a company one time only.
  • NAAC will allow future employees to be added to the same expiration group provided the request is made in writing and signed by the company representative and the individual that holds the NAAC certification.


NAAC will monitor and evaluate this policy on an on-going basis and will revise the policy as needed.