CEU Catalog

Title Certification Topic Code Credit Hours
2020 Online Mandatory CEU Package CAC, CACO Mandatory 4.00 Purchase
This package will provide you with all 4 mandatory CEUs required to maintain your Certified Ambulance Coder Status. This package also qualifies as 4 CEUs for Certified Ambulance Compliance Officers. $350
Air Ambulance Elective CAC, CACO Medicare Rules & Regulations 1.00 Purchase
This lesson covers medical necessity and other hot topics in an era of increased scrutiny of air ambulance transportation. $40.00  
Applying Clinical Protocols in the Billing Process CAC, CACO Ambulance Billing Procedures 0.50 Purchase
What can make the difference between an ALS2 claim and an ALS1 claim?  Your agency’s clinical protocols.  Did you know that your system’s protocols can also affect the difference between what is considered ALS and BLS?  And local protocols can also determine what procedures are beyond the scope of a paramedic for proper coding of Specialty Care Transports (SCTs) under Medicare rules.  This session will offer a detailed look at the interaction between clinical protocols and proper billing – and help you make the most of these often-confusing principles. $30.00  
Billing for Non-Transport and Other Non-Traditional Services CAC, CACO Ambulance Billing Procedures 1.00 Purchase
Though Medicare still, for the most part, only reimburses for ambulance transports, many EMS agencies charge patients and other payers for non-transport services.  This may include “treat and release” services or fees for on-scene care, community paramedicine or Mobile Integrated Healthcare services, transports of flight crews and a host of other non-traditional services.  This session will help you understand the legal landscape for billing these non-transport services, and help you maximize the revenue to which your agency may be entitled. $40.00  
Body Cameras in the Age of Privacy CAPO, CACO Compliance 1.00 Purchase
In light of well-publicized recent events, many EMS agencies are considering equipping providers with body cameras.  But, there are serious privacy concerns that come with using “body cams.”  In this timely discussion, we’ll examine the pros and cons of using body cameras and highlight exactly how HIPAA permits and limits their use.  We’ll discuss your duty to back up these recordings, how videos should be stored, and when you might have to redact recordings.   You’ll also learn when patients, and potentially the public, might have a right to body cam videos.      $40.00  
Commercial Payers: Top Payment and Compliance Issues CAC, CACO Compliance 1.50 Purchase
Even though Medicare is the single largest payer for most ambulance services, you can’t overlook the importance of properly navigating your commercial insurance claims.  This session will look at some of the most troubling commercial payer issues facing ambulance services, how your state law can affect the situation, and how to navigate this often difficult payment terrain. $60.00  
Compliance Benchmarking: Using Data to Stop Trouble in its Tracks CAC, CACO Compliance 1.00 Purchase
Knowing how well your agency is performing when it comes to billing and compliance is critical.  Benchmarking not only helps you understand your agency’s financial performance, it can help you spot troubling trends before they consume you.  But knowing what to measure – and what the findings mean – is the key to successful compliance benchmarking.  This session will help you design an effective set of compliance benchmarks – and then use them to monitor performance and avoid trouble down the road. $40.00  
Compliance Hotlines: How to Set One Up - and How it Can Save Your Agency CAPO, CACO Compliance 1.00 Purchase
One of the OIG’s recommended elements of an effective compliance program is to have a compliance “hotline” in place.  Compliance hotlines can take many forms, and this session will explore the various options to help you set up a working program.  Most importantly, we’ll discuss how to handle compliance inquiries and complaints – including effective follow-up – to keep your problems “in house” whenever possible and reduce the chance of costly whistleblower complaints and government investigations and audits. $40.00  
Compliance Update - 2020 CACO Compliance 1.00 Purchase
Not eligible for CAC mandatory or elective credit. This lesson includes all of the compliance changes and new information for 2020.  Not eligible for CAC mandatory or elective credit. $90.00
Cybercrime and Cybersecurity: Why Stealing Your Data is More Profitable Than Robbing a Bank CAC, CAPO, CACO HIPAA 0.50 Purchase
In this session, you’ll learn why the EMS industry is at a much greater risk for data theft and you’ll learn ways that hackers and your own employees could be exploiting your data.  Discover the tools you need to prevent your information from being stolen.  $30.00  
Dealing with Documentation Conflicts CAC, CACO Patient Care Documentation 1.50 Purchase
What happens when you’re faced with inconsistent documentation?  What do you do when the dispatch documentation says one thing, the PCR says something else, and the PCS or facility records say something entirely different?  Conflicts in documentation can have many root causes, and we’ll explore those, and give you workable strategies for dealing with discord in the multiple sources of documentation you need in the billing process. $60.00  
Dealing with Requests for Patient Information From Law Enforcement, Attorneys, Family Members and Others CAC, CAPO, CACO HIPAA 1.00 Purchase
Almost every EMS agency faces a daily challenge when they interact with the police and other law enforcement agencies who demand patient information from your organization or your crew members.  Another common situation is dealing with attorney requests for patient information.  Ambulance services also have to field requests from patients, family members, personal representatives and others. This session will cut through some of the fog that has fallen over these areas of HIPAA compliance, and tell you exactly in which circumstances you can release PHI to law enforcement officers, attorneys, patient representatives, and others.  We’ll also tell you how to properly document those disclosures so they can’t come back and bite you down the road. $40.00  
HIPAA Breach Notification Rules CAC, CAPO, CACO HIPAA 2.00 Purchase
This lesson includes a background of Breach Notification Rules, definiton of a “breach”, what organizations must do when a breach occurs, and how organizations can reduce or eliminate breach notification obligations. $75.00    
HIPAA's Dirty Dozen: Snooping and 11 Other Ways Your Staff are Putting Your Agency at Risk CAC, CAPO, CACO HIPAA 1.00 Purchase
When health care providers are asked about their biggest “HIPAA risk,” they typically think of headline-grabbing incidents like a major data breach.  Yet one of the most common HIPAA violations is “snooping,” where your own employees view the medical records of friends, coworkers and even celebrities. The reality is your staff members, not outside hackers, often pose the greatest risk to your patient data.  In this session, you’ll learn the 12 most common ways your staff members are setting you up for a HIPAA violation and get proven techniques to lessen your core risks.     $40.00
How to Prevent Lawyers From Screwing Up Your Revenue Cycle CAC, CACO Other 1.00 Purchase
Whether your patient was involved in an accident or you’re now taking him to court to collect an unpaid bill, there’s a chance that your patient is represented by legal counsel.  As much as your patient’s lawyer may try to convince you that you have no right to collect your payment, or tries to get you to hold off on collecting with a “letter of protection” or similar agreement, the truth is that having a lawyer in the picture doesn’t have to screw up your revenue cycle.  We’ll teach you how to get the money your agency is legally entitled to when your patient has a lawyer, and help you separate fact from legal baloney in the process.  $40.00  
How To Win Appeals CAC, CACO Appeal Procedures 1.00 Purchase
This lesson features practical, tested strategies for winning reimbursement appeals. $40.00  
Making Sense of Signatures: AOBs, PCSs, ABNs, PCRs and More CACO Medicare Rules & Regulations 1.00 Purchase
Not eligible for CAC elective credit. Just about every type of EMS document, whether clinical or operational, requires signatures.  This session brings all of the various signature rules into one session and presents them all in a logical fashion that demystifies the whole process of maintaining signature compliance in all of your ambulance documentation.  Not eligible for CAC elective credit. $85.00  
Medicaid Matters CAC, CACO Other 1.00 Purchase
This lesson discusses Medicaid, a joint federal and state program with broad guidelines established by federal law and specific guidelines established by each state. $40.00    
Medicare and Reimbursement Update - 2019 CACO Ambulance Billing Procedures 1.00 Purchase
Not eligible for CAC mandatory or elective credit. This lesson includes all of the Medicare and Reimbursement updates and new information for 2019.  Not eligible for CAC mandatory or elective credit. $90.00
Medicare and Reimbursement Update - 2020 CACO Medicare Rules & Regulations 1.00 Purchase
Not eligible for CAC mandatory or elective credit. This lesson includes all of the Medicare and Reimbursement updates and new information for 2020.  Not eligible for CAC mandatory or elective credit. $90.00