CEU Catalog

Title Certification Topic Code Credit Hours
Seven Essential Habits of an Effective Compliance Officer CACO, CAFO Compliance 1.00 Purchase
The compliance officer is key in helping your agency meet its legal obligations and reduce the risks of whistleblower cases, negative audit outcomes and costly government investigations.  However, the compliance officer position has to be more than just “another job duty” for an already-overworked management employee – it has to be handled with care and skill.  This session will cover the seven essential habits of an effective compliance officer – come and see how you measure up, or where you can improve. $40.00  
Streamlining Your Billing Office for Maximum Efficiency CAC, CACO, CAPO Ambulance Billing Procedures 1.00 Purchase
Understanding what efficiency is….and is not.  Identify six key roadbloacks to improved efficiency in your billing office.  Provide action steps to improve efficiency. $40.00
The Anatomy of an EMS Cyber Attack CAC, CACO, CAPO HIPAA 1.00 Purchase
General look at an EMS cyber attack.  How much is your information worth and more. $40.00
The Five Biggest Compliance Mistakes Made By Fire-Based and Other Public EMS Agencies CAC, CACO, CAFO Compliance 1.00 Purchase
This session will review the five biggest compliance mistakes we’ve seen in many fire-based and public-sector EMS agencies across the United States. $40.00
The Government is Knocking CAC, CACO, CAFO, CAPO Claims Review/Auditing 1.00 Purchase
Why audits and investigations are scarier than lawsuits.  What is the difference between lawsuits and audits. $40.00
The Privacy and Security Risk Analysis: A Soup-to-Nuts Game Plan CAPO, CACO HIPAA 1.00 Purchase
The number of HIPAA complaints and investigations is skyrocketing under the new privacy and security regulations.  One of the first things that happens in an enforcement investigation the government’s request for your agency’s HIPAA risk analysis, yet, most EMS agencies haven’t done one.  It’s not too late.  This session will cover everything you need to know about how to perform – and document – the required privacy and security risk analysis. $40.00  
The Words Matter CAC, CACO Other 1.00 Purchase
Words are easy to take out of proper context and can be interpreted in different ways.  This session will help you to think like a lawyer. $40.00
Up In Smoke CAC, CACO, CAPO Other 1.00 Purchase
Dealing with impaired employees. Definitions and legal distinctions, history and societal issues driving cannabis use.  Medical vs. recreational use. Legas issues – state vs. federal laws.  Practical issues and considerations. $40.00
We Want Our Money: 10 Strategies for Effective Collections When the Patient and the Payer Won't Pay CAC, CAFO Other 1.00 Purchase
The good news is that fewer patient accounts are self-pay.  But the bad news is that many commercial payers send payment directly to the patient, and your billers are left chasing down the patient for your agency’s money.  And with increasing deductibles and copayments under the ACA, patient balances can’t be neglected.  This session will review ten effective strategies for collecting unpaid balances within the law – and help your agency avoid taking a hit on those “tough” accounts. $40.00  
Where Compliance Meets QI: Implementing Compliance Performance Indicators CAC, CACO, CAFO Compliance 1.50 Purchase
Most EMS agencies have a robust Quality Improvement (QI) process.  And some agencies have good compliance programs in place.  But we’ve found that most EMS agencies haven’t effectively closed the loop between QI and compliance.  This session will explore the importance of connecting your compliance activities to your QI program, and how you can make compliance an integral part of everyone’s job.  We’ll tell you how to implement critical Compliance Performance Indicators into your agency’s QI program and make it focus on more than clinical care alone.  $60.00  
Your Rights AND Obligations in a Government Investigation CAC, CACO, CAFO, CAPO Other 1.00 Purchase
The dreaded “knock on the door” arrives – someone with a badge, a gun and a search warrant arrives at your office looking for mountains of documents and files in a government investigation.  Or, a strange document called a “subpoena duces tecum” arrives in your mail.  Or perhaps a federal investigator shows up on your biller’s doorstep one evening asking questions.  What next?  Are your employees compelled to speak to the agents? What documents must be turned over and what documents are protected by legal privileges?  Can they take my computers, hard drives or other equipment? What are the consequences for not complying with a subpoena or search warrant?  This session will help your agency formulate a comprehensive “response plan” should that unpleasant day come. $40.00