CEU Catalog

Title Certification Topic Code Credit Hours
Applying Clinical Protocols in the Billing Process CAC, CACO Ambulance Billing Procedures 0.50 Purchase
What can make the difference between an ALS2 claim and an ALS1 claim?  Your agency’s clinical protocols.  Did you know that your system’s protocols can also affect the difference between what is considered ALS and BLS?  And local protocols can also determine what procedures are beyond the scope of a paramedic for proper coding of Specialty Care Transports (SCTs) under Medicare rules.  This session will offer a detailed look at the interaction between clinical protocols and proper billing – and help you make the most of these often-confusing principles. $30.00  
Cybercrime and Cybersecurity: Why Stealing Your Data is More Profitable Than Robbing a Bank CAC, CAPO, CACO HIPAA 0.50 Purchase
In this session, you’ll learn why the EMS industry is at a much greater risk for data theft and you’ll learn ways that hackers and your own employees could be exploiting your data.  Discover the tools you need to prevent your information from being stolen.  $30.00  
ET3, Community Paramedicine, TNT, Cost Collection CAC, CACO, CAPO Medicare Rules & Regulations 0.50 Purchase
How ET3 and Community Paramedicine represent a shift toward a new way of thinking aobut EMS and true mobile healthcare delivery.  How cost data collection is the unifying principle as EMS moves to this bold new future. $30.00
Hey Mr. Privacy...Can We Share That? CAC, CACO, CAPO HIPAA 0.50 Purchase
A potpourri session of questions we have received to address some of the common issues surrounding HIPAA.  $30.00
Identifying and Using Compliance Champions Within Your Agency CAC, CACO, CAPO Compliance 0.50 Purchase
How are compliance concerns reported and handled effectively within your organization and how to improve your compliance efforts using the folks already in your organzaiton. $30.00
No More You Call, We Haul CAC, CACO Patient Care Documentation 0.50 Purchase
Documentation expectations for refusals, treatment-in-place, alternative destinations and other non-transport situations. $30.00