Thank you for allowing us to be your resource for ambulance compliance education.  We wish you a happy, healthy and successful 2018!


Make 2018 your best year yet with seven resolutions you can actually keep!

1. Secure your data to avoid hacking, ransomware and other potential breaches.  Find out if your security measures meet government standards by attending the Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer (CAPO) course. 

2. Update your compliance policies to set clear, enforceable expectations for staff members  Learn what policies you need at the Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer (CACO) course.

3. Eliminate confusion and misconceptions in the billing office.  The Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC) course provides billers with ambulance-specific training based on Medicare rules.

4. Improve your agency's
PCR documentation. (Yes, you really can keep this resolution!)  Educate your EMTs and paramedics on documentation expectations with the Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist (CADS) course.

5. Demonstrate the importance of compliant documentation by bringing CADS onsite to your agency.

6. Stay current with Medicare rules and industry updates by maintaining your CAC, CACO, and CAPO certifications.  Attend abc360, the only event that is 100% con-
ed approved, or check out the all-new offerings in NAAC's CEU Catalog.

7. Sleep better at night knowing your agency has invested in compliance.