NAAC® – The National Academy of Ambulance Compliance - the nation’s leader in ambulance compliance education programs – is proud to announce that as of July 7, 2020, all four of its national certification courses are now available online.  The Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer™ - CACO®, Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer™ - CAPO® and Certified Ambulance Documentation Specialist™ – CADS® – programs are joining the Certified Ambulance Coder® - CAC (which was previously available online) as self-paced online courses.  Now, EMS industry professionals have the option of obtaining all four NAAC certifications online at their own pace. 

CACO is recommended for current and prospective compliance officers, upper level management, advanced billers and coders, and anyone involved in compliance training or supervising compliance with the ambulance billing company or agency.

CAPO is designed for the prospective HIPAA Compliance Officer/Official, Privacy Officer, security officers, managers, supervisors, and others involved in HIPAA training or compliance.

CADS is intended primarily for front-line EMS practitioners, and also benefits those involved in EMS and ambulance industry leadership, revenue cycle management, compliance, quality improvement and other support positions.  The CADS course covers the essential documentation skills necessary to facilitate high quality patient care, reduce provider liability, improve clinical narratives, facilitate accurate billing, and improve EMS agency legal compliance.

CAC, CACO, CAPO and CADS are offered by NAAC – the nation’s leader in ambulance compliance education.  According to NAAC’s Program Coordinator, Jason Leet, “the online format provides more flexibility for people to complete all of NAAC’s certification courses from the comfort and safety of their home or office.”  Like all NAAC programs, the content for CAC, CACO, CAPO and CADS was developed by the attorneys and consultants of Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, the nation’s leading EMS industry law firm.  According to Leet, “the PWW EMS law firm has been NAAC’s longstanding partner in the development and validation of all NAAC curricula and continuing education programs since its inception.” 

More detailed information on NAAC and its ambulance industry certification courses can be found online at