NAAC ​, the nation’s leading source for education and certification programs in ambulance compliance, announces the nation’s first and only Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer (CAPO) program.  

- “The Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer program is a ground-breaking opportunity for an industry that often struggles with the difficult challenges that HIPAA presents,” said National EMS attorney Steve Wirth, one of the course developers. “Often HIPAA compliance gets put on the back burner until there’s a big issue. Certified Privacy Officers will learn to be proactive about HIPAA compliance so they’re confident and capable when handling things like breaches, investigations and requests for health information.”  

-National EMS attorney Doug Wolfberg, who helped develop the CAPO course, noted that “a few years ago, Congress told the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to get more aggressive about HIPAA enforcement when they passed the HITECH Act, and that’s exactly what OCR has done. We’ve seen more enforcement actions brought against healthcare providers in the past few years than we had seen in the ten years before that, and some settlements have totaled several million dollars. The CAPO course hones in on the risk areas identified by OCR and gives ambulance professionals real solutions to plug compliance gaps we consistently see at EMS agencies.” 

Register for an upcoming live training event to become a Certified Ambulance Privacy Officer.