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Title Certification Topic Code Credit Hours
HIPAA Breach Notification Rules CAC, CAPO, CACO HIPAA 2.00 Purchase
This lesson includes a background of Breach Notification Rules, definiton of a “breach”, what organizations must do when a breach occurs, and how organizations can reduce or eliminate breach notification obligations. $75.00    
PWW Media The New Federal Surprise Billing Law: What Air and Ground Ambulance Services Must Know CAC, CACO Ambulance Billing Procedures 2.00 Details
The game-changing new air ambulance provisions will take effect in 2022.  In this comprehensive national EMS law webinar, PWW will cover these and other critical topics: What ambulance services are covered under the new law? Do insurers have to pay providers directly, or can they pay the patient?  What are the billing limitations, and will they apply to emergency and non-emergency services alike? How does the new Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) process work, and what if I don’t like the result? How long does an IDR determination establish my rates? Does an IDR determination apply only to one claim, or all my claims? What are the timeframes for the open negotiation period and the IDR process spelled out in the new law? What documentation and data will be required to support our rate requests when we go through the IDR process? What do ground ambulance services have to know about the new law, and what comes next? This webinar recording tackles these questions – and many more – during this crucial webinar event.  ​$129.00