Who Should Become a Certified Ambulance Financial Officer (CAFO)

Who should become a CAFO?  Anyone who:

  • Deals with budgeting or financial reporting
  • Manages bank accounts
  • Processes receivables and/or payables
  • Tracks the use of grant funds
  • Calculates the needs for subsidies
  • Evaluates or reports costs
  • Sets pricing for an EMS agency

Why become a CAFO?

Financial functions in a healthcare organization carry great responsibility. Spending, receiving, analyzing, or reporting financial information for your organization involve obligations to your company, community, payers and patients. CAFO teaches you the skills needed to meet your responsibilities, participate in key decisions, and keep your organization financially accountable.

What does the CAFO curriculum cover

  • Introduction to the Role of CAFO
  • Principles and Foundations of Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting and Planning Techniques
  • Financial Policies and Internal Controls
  • The EMS Revenue Cycle
  • Sources of Revenue and Funding
  • Expense and Capital Planning
  • Partnerships and Relationships Affecting the Finance Function
  • Financial Analysis
  • The Use of Technology in EMS finance
  • Financial Compliance Considerations
  • Grant Writing