Whether you are the Controller, Biller, Finance or Accounting Manager, CFO or another administrator who handles the finances and reporting for your organization, or if you are involved only in the receipt and posting of income, this course will teach you what you need to know about being accountable and transparent to your agency, your community, and your patients. 

Certified Ambulance Financial Officers™ will learn basic principles of accounting that apply to:

  • financial reporting
  • developing a budget
  • ensuring sufficient internal controls
  • revenue and expense considerations
  • justifying a subsidy, complying with contractual obligations

CAFO™ students will learn valuable skills for transparent and effective communication to administrators, the public, and state, local and federal oversight agencies such as the IRS and CMS. 

The CAFO™ course features two days of classroom interaction, developed and taught by National EMS attorneys and Certified Public Accountants. The course features interactive workshops to apply your knowledge to real life scenarios.  Students are then certified by demonstrating proficiency in the material by successfully completing an examination at the conclusion of the course.

The CAFO™ course covers key areas such as cash versus accrual, budgeting, financial reports, policies and controls, revenue cycles, and many other topics.

Certified Ambulance Financial Officers™ then maintain their proficiency and certification by obtaining annual Continuing Education hours approved for CAFOs.